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Hair Coverings & Coverings Glossary


Hair clips come in many different sizes and colors to match any outfit, day or night. You can wear them to hold back your bangs, to make a half-pony, or to put all your hair up. Many people like to match their hair clips to their outfits, while others use them as accessories to jazz up an outfit. Hair clips can be worn by girls and women of all ages for all occasions. hair clip are also used to gather hair together to make it look nice and or neat. A large clip can be used to gather all the hair together and form one ponytail. Looking a bit more elegant than a pony elastic or a small clip can be used to make a half pony. Giving the hair a different yet nice look

A Triangle Bandanas: The soft fabric equivalent of the three cornered hat, used as a light weight hair covering. Suitable for all hair types and seasons. Not to be confused with hamantashen, a pastry modeled after a three cornered hat and eaten on the holiday of Purim.

A Bandana is a square piece of cloth that is versatile in use. The Bandana can be folded in several ways and tied to cover your hair.
It can also be used for a sweat catching cloth to always have ready in a pocket or on your head.

Doo Rag - a cloth that is worn to protect one's "doo." Sometimes this cloth is used as a covering while the hair is being processed. Today it is a common term for the bandana covering worn by bikers. It also has the meaning of the cloth covering of a certain color worn by gang members to denote their gang affiliations.

Doily-a mat with different patterns and designs meant mainly for food decoration. But my grandmother and her friends who don’t normally cover their hair use a doily on their head when they go to synagogue or light Shabbat candles.

Israeli Tichels are really big square bandanas that you fold into a triangle and wrap your hair in it. they are really convenient when you just need to throw something on your head but at the same time look hip and pretty. Israeli Tichels come in all colors and patterns and match with almost anything you wear. They are light and airy, perfect for summer time and also keep your head warm in the winter. They're
great! They also are head coverings that can be used for many reasons including religious and hair loss.

Silk or wool. Accessorize yourself with fashion, while you keep your shoulders warm. Easily worn, and fashionable for any occasion. They are available in all kinds of colors to match your mood or wardrobe.

Kippa Clip- The clips many women use to hold many hair accessories on, but nobody really knows what they are called. They are, at most, about an inch (at least, that would be the longest I have seen); however, there are shorter ones. They come in many different colors and you can accessorize with them and make sure they match your outfit and whatever other hair item you might be wearing. In order to open them, you push them away from yourself, and snap them shut.

Snood, is a head covering often worn to cover ones hair for religious reasons and to restrain it during work. It basically a cloth bag to hold and hide ones hair. It is simple, neat, and works well with long hair. It can be made of all cloth, just like a sock, or it can be crocheted. Crocheted snoods generally have a stretchy feel with a rubber-band type material at the crown that keeps the snood snug on the head. Some women wear snoods to cover all of their hair, while others wear the snood farther back on the head to show some of the hairline.

Pre-tied Bandanas: A bandana that has elastic at the base of the neck with a pair of tails to allow for easier tying that stays tied. These are perfect for women who cover their hair for modesty/religious reasons because they cover all your hair and stay on your head better without slipping. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials and are very lightweight and comfortable.

Headband a band of fabric, with or without a stay, worn as an accessory to frame the face. Headband styles can range from both simple and practical, to complex and trendy. Examples of these are a solid-colored stretch band and a stayed headband with excess fabric to wrap, twist or tie.

Hair Bows is a term used in the South to describe hair accessories such as clips, and pony holders. They don't have to have actual bows on them.

Velvet pre tied Bandanas These are made spandex/velvet mix for softness and warmth. They are best for Fall/winter months and are extremely comfortable. They are pre tied at the bottom for easy application and come in a variety of colors and designs and or embellishments.

Scrunchie - Those things that all my daughters wear to help hold there hair in a pony tail. They like that they come in many colors to match there outfits or team sport uniforms. Very easy to use. I would not know as I have lost most of my hair.

wide headbands – aka expandable headbands. Fabric headbands that can be worn narrow or wide. When worn wide, they provide coverage for the entire top of the head. Perfect for wearing alone or layering with a scarf.

Can refer to many things, but specifically, a V shaped piece of metal that is used to keep hair up in styles such as a French twist or a bun.

Sometimes referred to as hair pin; but the technical name for a piece of metal bent in half, sometimes with the top half crimped. Useful for keep small bits of hair close to the scalp.

A type of brush meant not to detangle, but to smooth out hair and distribute oils from the scalp. Not often made from real boar bristles, anymore.

In general, a type of head covering that involves wrapping a piece of cloth around one’s head. It typically will have a distinctive wrapped look. Also available in pull on styles that do not require much effort to wear or put on.

A barrette, comb or other type of hair accessory that adorns the back of the head can be decorated with beads, bows, flowers or pearls

Fairly self-explanatory, the bun wrap is a band that can be encrusted with gems, pearls or crystals and encircles a bun or an updo

This is a cross between a tiara and a crown. It's semicircular and smaller than a crown, but has more height than a tiara and sits on top of the head.

A small, round cap that sits on the top of the head, this resembles a beanie, but is usually decorated with gems or pearls, and it anchors the veil. It is named for the headpieces worn in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

A plastic insert used to add volume to the bangs or upper portion of one's hairstyle. Very trendy in certain girls' schools; scorned in others.

waterproof cap made to cover all of your hair to prevent it from getting wet when taking a shower or bath. These shower caps can come in very handy when you are in a rush and don't have the time to wash, clean, dry and then style your hair. By using a shower cap, my hair stays completely dry so that I don't have to worry about blow drying it. It also cuts my shower time at least in half because I don't have to shampoo and condition my long thick hair. A great time saver!

Berets are a soft, round, brimless cap with a flat crown. Often made of wool.

A Bucket hat is a soft hat (usually heavy cotton) with a wide, downward sloping brim. Bucket hats often have eyelets to let air circulate around the head when it’s hot.

Chaponne's are a stretchy knit or crochet pull-on hat.

A Cloche is a close-fitting, bell-shaped hat that was popularized in the 1920′s.

A Fall is a type of partial wig where the top part is not finished, so that a hat or headband must be worn over it. Because there are no bangs or carefully constructed hairlines, falls are often cheaper and easier to care for than full wigs. “Fall” can also refer to a hairpiece that is worn to add length or volume to the hair already on a person’s head – in this sense, it is not so much a cover as an enhancement.

A Newsboy/Gatsby Cap is A soft, full, paneled hat with a stiff, peaked brim. Sometimes there’s a button on top and/or a button that attaches the body of the hat to the brim.

Tie-backs are also known as a do-rag, a piece of cloth that ties around the top of the head only.