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Throwing on a gorgeous shawl will not only give a bit more warmth but will also up your wardrobe style. The beautiful pashminas and shawls come in an elegant variety. There is the turquoise pashmina, the black pashmina or an elegant purple or grey shawl. They are a must have for every women.
Gone are the days when shawls were associated with grandmother wear or colder months’ warmers such as the knitted shawls. Nowadays, a lot of trend-setters don shawls wraps to serve the purpose of a little cover when wearing something sexy. Pashmina is another similar item used for the same function, meaning, not only as something to ward chilly feelings off but as a fashion accessory too.

More sophistication and class flavor come into the picture when a woman who is out for a night out whether for a romantic dinner or to attend a recital dons evening shawls. Believe it or not, this is supposed to cover bare shoulders but the more women become sexier when they wear one.

Silk scarves, especially the really large ones are also sometimes used as shoulder cover and can’t say the girls who do can be blamed. There is something about the sweet, soft touch of the material that makes it a popular choice just like the cashmere pashmina shawl that is also a feel-good material. Some materials though are used for a different purpose like the meditation shawl but this is not to say that prayer shawls should not be made stylish but with a tasteful approach to them of course.
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