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Top 28 Funniest & Embarrassing Head Covering Stories!

June 25, 2021

It's hot in Texas much of the year so I may not cover during the day if it's just me and my two young kids at home. I always have a beret ready by the door, just in case someone comes by unexpectedly. Last week, I kept getting after my kids for moving furniture around to climb up to my spray bottle of water (for disciplining the cat and, okay, the kids, too) and my spray bottle of vinegar & water (for cleaning).A package arrived so I took my beret off the table with the spray bottles and slipped it on to get the mail. The beret REEKED. I thought to myself, "Could I really have been sweating so badly the last time I wore it that I left it smelling rancid?" I smelled it again and it hit me--it smelled like pickles. The kids, ages 4 and 3, had been climbing up all that time to spray my beret with VINEGAR!

My mother was NOT thrilled when I became religious. She is very vain and very fashionable and sees frum Jews as frumpy and dumpy. When I first got married I was not allowed to wear a snood and certainly not a Tichel in her presence wigs and fashionable hats were it. Two summers ago she was hospitalized with lung cancer. I went to visit her and she admired my hat, so I took it off for her to try on (no men were around). I had forgotten that my Sheitel macher had recently cut my long hair VERY short...something I NEVER thought I would do. My back was turned, but I sure would have liked to see the expression on my mothers face. My mother in law says it was priceless.

I went outside to take out the garbage and i met my neighbor (a frum married guy) we talked for a few minutes and i even played with his little 3 year old daughter a little, and when i went back inside my house, i realized i had forgotten to cover my hair! I was so embarrassed! :-(

had a meeting at school with another teacher and ran out of the house because I was running late. Ididn't realize until I got to school that IPankhurstout without putting one of my favorite Pankhurst berets or Israeli Tichel. Fortunately, I had a neck scarf (black/white with dogs)in my coat pocket that I managed to wrap around my head!

Everyone's wedding day is hectic to some degree. You're running around taking care of last minute errands, rushing to get everything done in time, and sometimes, you "lose your head" a bit in the process. No biggie. Well, I knew my wedding day could have that effect, but I didn't realize the "after party" would make me "lose my head" as well :) Turns out getting married is pretty distracting. In the morning, before my husband and Iapartmenthotel for good, we decided to take a short walk around the city, look around, walk into a couple of stores. I'd say we were out for a good hour or so. After spending some money in Duane Reade on some apartment essentials, we headed back to the hotel to pack up. As I was packing, my Sheitel box caught my eye. Oops. BIG oops! Needless to say I literally "lost my head" in the wedding rush, and walked around the city with my hair uncovered...yikes!

was living in an area where Orthodox Jews are not as common as, say, NY and NJ and my co-workers all thought I just really liked wearing cute hats and scarves. Our IT guy grew up in China and one day when I was in his office, he asked me if I was a pilgrim! As the other computer guy and I cracked up, he explained that when he was in Massachusetts, his friend's mother dressed up as a Pilgrim for Thanksgiving and that was the only other woman he'd really seen wearing a scarf! I calmed down and explained that Jewish women, like Muslims and yes, the Pilgrims, cover their hair for religious and modesty reasons. But boy, it still makes me laugh when I think about it!

Well, this is pretty embarrassing but so long ago I can now laugh at it. I was on a trip to Spain with some friends and I was showing off my high school Spanish by being our tour guide as none of the others spoke it at all. We went into a store where they sold items of handmade lace and Ihead covers buy one of the head covers that the ladies wore to church as a souvenir. Instead of asking for a "mantilla", I kept asking the clerk for "mantequilla" and all I got were odd looks and a lot of muttering. What I was asking for was actually *butter* and I didn't realize it until the clerk caught on and then we had a good laugh!

I am a recent kallah, so I don't have too many stories yet - but the other day IDenveraiting for the bus (in Denver) and a Muslim family came and joined me at the stop. The 10ish year old girl was clearly drawn to my head covering and modest attire, yet confused/intrigued by how my head covering was so different from her mothers (I had on a pre-tied, with my hair tucked in which left no hair showing, but my ears and neck were exposed.) the looks from that girl will stay with me awhile, I only wish we had more time at the stop as I would have loved the moment to speak with her.

When I worked in a small town in GA, I typically only wore a sheital or headband fall. One time I decided to be brave and wear a beret with a hat fall. The first person to see me said, very seriously, "oh, I didn't know you were an artist!"

Ok this is a pretty embarrassing story I hope none of my friends read this LOL..but it was about a week after i got married and i was walking outside in my husband's old neighborhood trying to find his cat outside, and i was wearing one of those net snoods. We were so caught up with calling the cat that i didn't realize the tree we walked under was pretty low, and one of the branches got stuck in my snood and pulled it clear off my head as i walked past! Thank goodness no one was really around but there was a car driving by at the moment which i PRAY TO G-D the driver didn't notice.

I spent last year in university and got married in between semesters. I had a hat fall but I ended up having to send it back (defective), and I didn't want to wear my Shabbos sheitl to school, so I wore tichels until I got the new fall, which was in May, towards the end of second semester. (school was on strike so we ended late)So I'm wearing my hat fall, and as I come down the stairs, a Chinese girl who was in my accounting class, and happened to be sitting with like 10 other people from class, screams out "SARAH! IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR!?" So I let out this nervous laugh as everyone is staring at me, but pretending they didn't notice at the same time, and explained to her and the two girls directly beside her what it was. Apparently I had explained the concept of my head covering to her earlier, and she thought I had "Un-Jewed or something"...greeat...and horribly awkward!

About a year and a half ago I was driving and IMuslim a person on the street, who happened to be Muslim and was wearing one of those long coverings, how to get to a certain address. She guided me and then asked me where I got my head covering from because she really liked it. Another episode was when I was talking the kids for a walk to CVS it was very windy and my snood actually fell off my head. Luckily I was able to put it back on and hopefully no one saw my hair uncovered. I don't wear my wig so often but when I do I look different and people come up to me and say how nice my hair is. I just say thanks because there is no need to explain to a non-jew that it is a head covering.

I used to work with 2 non-Jewish women who knew I covered my hair for religious reasons (I wore both a wig and berets). One day I was wearing my Sheitel which had no front comb so it tended to shift. I went to pull it back into place and as I did this, one of my co-workers said "Andrea you're freaking me out moving your hair like that!"

Mine actually just happened last night. I posted on my status to have people post a memory. One of the sweetest sisters at a church I frequent for bible studies and midweek services said that her memory of me was simply.... Headscarves. It really meant a lot considering my faith doesn't necessarily require covering and many don't understand why I would "choose" covering over "freedom". TO me there's wonderful freedom in covering.Story #15 Hadassah, MI was wearing a headband wig - the stretchy band actually was attached to it. Lady who worked in my office was talking to me, and my wig was itching my head. Most of the people I worked with knew I wore wigs, but I guess she didn't. Ihair bandn on my chair and grabbed the hair band and just yanked it off my head, so Iitchiest Scratch the itchiest away. The look on her face was priceless!!!
Story #16 Rivka, OI was newly married, had just started covering my hair. While walking with my husband in the Heights I told him I felt like I looked like everyone else. Just then we passed a woman wearing the exact same tichel I had on. As my husband laughed I vowed to change up my look, and visited COVERYOURHAIR.COM

Recently I had just gotten home from work and I had taken my sheitel off. I was walking around the house absentmindedly and had a sudden thought I needed to share with my husband. Without thinking twice I walked outside. I made it two steps and realized my hair wasn't covered. I ran for "cover" and was moritifed! I don't think the neighbors noticed!

Why do I cover my hair? it's funny because when i got married my husband was surprised i wanted to cover my hair. i thought it was a beautiful mitzvah, besides that its the right thing to do, and i felt drawn to doing it. b"h, unlike some of my friends i don't think of it as a burden and became very strict with the mitzvah as far as how much hair i cover. especially since i have all boys, i cover my hair in the house so they have a tznius role model. now my husband is so happy i do this mitzvah because he knows my hair is only for his eyes.funny story, the first month we were married we had sleep over company for shabbos. in the morning i come out of my room and am going about my business when someone said to me, shouldnt your hair be covered? i ran into my room to get a snood, i totally forgot to cover it!!! 11 years later i am much more careful.thanks for this great contest. its fun to read other peoples stories.

I DO cover my head when not sleeping and the funniest thing to happen so far was visitng with some people and they watched my head covering slowly slide backwards and I never knew what it was doing. They had these big smiles on their faces and I thought boy, what I am saying must be REALLY good. After several minutes of going through this, I stood up and when I did my head covering hit the back of my legs as it fell to the floor. I said something like, " I can't beleive it came off, I didn't even know it was loose!" They just fell over laughing and said it was funny to watch me slowly uncover my head while unaware! I wear one because I feel closer to YHWH in my submission to his authority. I was inspired by 1Co 11:5 And every woman praying or prophesying with her head uncovered brings shame to her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.This is a true story, just happened last Shabbos! I was walking with my family by a pond that had many trees around it. I ducked under a tree branch, but not enough. The branch lifted my shaitel right off my head! I was so embarrassed but fortunately nobody noticed since they were all in front of me.

This is a true story, just happened last Shabbos! I was walking with my family by a pond that had many trees around it. I ducked under a tree branch, but not enough. The branch lifted my shaitel right off my head! I was so embarrassed but fortunately nobody noticed since they were all in front of me.

i was newly married and a close friend of mine was getting married. i dance very leibedike and was in charge of the shtick. i wore a shaitel to the chuppah, but i thought it would hinder my dancing. so after the chuppah for the dancing i wore a snood. half way through dancing it flew off my head and shot across the room and i dived underneath a table and poked out my head and asked my mother to retrieve it for me! i hope it wasn't caught on tape! Another close friend got married after that, but i learned to clip it on!!!My husband used to drive me to the train when we were first married. i was leaving the car and he looked at me and said 'something looks different, where is your tichel?' no wonder all the men at the train stop were looking at me funny. i put on my hood and we had to go back home to pick it up!

There is a great park nearby with a little creek which you have to cross in order to get to the playground. It was such a beautiful day I felt it was a shame to leave ANYONE inside. So besides my 3 children I decided to take our Labrador Retriever. The park was bustling. As we approached the creek from the parking lot our dog started to tug. I figured, "OK let him get close to the water-maybe cool his paws, labs like water"-BIG MISTAKE! We got closer to the water and several children were in the creek throwing sticks. As soon as he saw a stick go by he went down like a flash, somehow detaching his collar and leaving it and the leash in my hands. I went running in after him and as I did, my snood got caught in a branch and went flying off my head. My son also went in after him and in the process droppped his kippa, and a croc (shoe) which began to make its way down the trickling current. When we got back in order I turned to notice a small crowd watching on the bridge. It's funny-NOW

BH I get along really well w/ my in-laws. They're great! My father in-law is extremely learned, intelligent, & knowledgable - as well as very Yeshivish. In general, he makes a point to try not to make eye contact w/ any woman besides my mother inlaw (including me). One shabbos, my husband & I were over at his parents house & it was just the four of us. In the afternoon my husband & I went downstairs to take a nap when I was suddenly plagued by thirst. Being the incredible husband he is (& the fact that I had already removed my sheitel) my husband rushed upstairs to get me a drink. Now, when we are at my inlaws for shabbos, they genergously give us the entire basement level to ourselves (for privacy). When my husband ran upstairs, promising to be right back, I made myself comfortable. I opened the door to thank him when I heard his footsteps coming down the stairs...only it wasn't him! There I was standing face to face & COMPLETELY SHEITEL-LESS w/ my FATHER IN LAW! So embarrassing!

My incident isn't really funny. A few weeks I was at church, that was being held outdoors, due to the good weather. I was showing my friends, that were also on facebook, my pretied bandana, since some of them knew I'd placed an order from you. Well, one friend kinda smiled and said I reminded her of a gypsy. But that's ok...I know it wasn't a bad comment. I'm a gypsy for the Lord and my "crystal ball" is my Bible. I like the pre tied bandanas because I like to have my head covered when it's hot outside so head won't sunburn or a day I need to go somewhere and my hair isn't looking the best. I like them better than a baseball cap and at my 50sh age, I wanted something different.

I was newly married and I went out with my husband to drop something off at a friend. I was wearing a snood (which I hated wearing, so i figured if I try it out maybe I'll get used to it.) When I got to the house I rang the bell and waited for someone to come to the door. The friend lived in a 2 family house on the upper floor. The door had a window on top. I jumped up to look thru the window to see if she was coming down the steps and just as I did my snood slipped right off my head and her husband opened the door. I grabbed it and shoved it back on my head. Mortified, I turned around to see my husbands reaction but insread I noticed another guy standing right there on the street cracking up. What an experience..... I didn't wear snoods out very much after that and was thrilled 8 years later when pre tieds came out.

Oh I have another story!!Ok so I was in grade 8 on a bus to Montreal to compete in the Chidon HaTanach/Bible Contest, and my school's coach was my teacher and she and I were pretty close...although I was slightly annoying at times, in a fun loving way. So she was sitting on the seat in front of me, and I casually started to poke the top of her head every few seconds or so. Finally she tried to outsmart me by grabbing my hand the next time I struck, but she ended up pulling off her snood instead...(lucky nobody was really paying attention)

I never thought I would ever cover my hair. In fact, I was completely against it, but I decided to wear a tichel at my sheva brachos because I thought that was the right thing, or the expected thing, to do, and then slowly I started to see the beauty in this mitzvah. Many women will complain that their hair is too straight, too thin, too thick, too curly, or just plain unmanageable. I LOVE my hair and I think it’s so pretty, which is why I find this mitzvah so beautiful, because something I love so much is saved for the person I love so much:)

Funny story that happened just today. My husband and I took our children peach and raspberry picking. I started out driving home, but then found myself getting tired. I pulled over to the side of the highway so my husband and I could switch. He'd drive while I rested. I got out of the car, when all of the sudden, WOOSH! Along came a huge gust of wind and off flew my hat. I ran into the car, my husband gave me his baseball hat, and then I ran after my hat, which was blown yards behind the car! (Thank G-d my hair is short enough to be covered with a baseball cap!) Clearly I need some more secure head coverings!