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How To Tie a Bandana

July 11, 2021

How To Tie a Bandana

So you want to know how to tie a bandanna? Here are 5 steps to make your bandana the most desired hair piece of all your hair accessories:

1. Lay your square bandanna on a flat surface. Fold the corner closest to you inwards towards the center of the square. The resultant shape is three original corners and one flattened corner.

2. Grab hold of  the bandanna from the “two sides” while maintaining the new “flat”corner, lean your forehead as close as possible and secure the bandanna to your forehead. The folded portion of the bandanna should now be against your forehead. Your hands should still be holding “two sides”

3. Slide your hands to the outer end of the “two sides” (corners) of the bandanna while maintaining the forehead against the folded “flat” part of the bandanna. Tie a single knot with the “two sides” behind your head. At this point, three of the four corners have been used.  The first corner (“flat”) - was folded and is touching your forehead, and the other two corners (“two sides”) are tied behind your head.

4. Now place one hand over the newly tied knot so that it does not open in the following step.

5. Take the remaining corner (“4th”) over your head and allow the point to come to rest above the single knot you created in step 3. Take the previously tied sides and tie an additional knot above the the (“4th”) corner.


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