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  • There are so many great experiences and priceless moments that bond a family together and closer especially a mother and a baby after the new baby girl is welcomed home. There will be developmental highlights to look forward to and the excitement and fun behind getting your baby fun clothes and other baby fashion accessories. Among these cute items are baby girl hats that are trendy, cool and hip even if they are just for small wonders like baby girls. As parents, particularly the mommies, you find ways to express how proud you are of your cute little angel through unique styles.

    Baby knitted hats are another cute item to add in your baby’s cute layette products because these items provide protection as well as added cuteness on your tiny baby’s head. What makes up your small princess’s wardrobe should have safety and comfort in mind at the same time but this should not stop you from choosing cute baby products that will add beauty and fun. Such as baby flower hats that are simply adorable. Most baby hats that are adorned with flowers are gorgeously adorable in their candy colors.

    During the cold winter months, your baby would enjoy the warmth her tiny head can get from baby winter hats that are made with materials that help keep your baby snug and warm. Meanwhile during summer months, there are cool baby hats that you will enjoy throwing on the head of your little princess as you enjoy a walk along the park or by the beach.

    The fun of dressing up your child is endless and luckily, there are is a wide variety of baby fashion wear to choose from including head wears that will help make them become more adorable and cuter. Mommies simply enjoy doing this, after all, they are not babies too long.

    Adorable baby hats are just what you want on your tiny bundle. The beautiful kufi baby hats and crochet baby hats can be worn till around a year old, depending on your child’s size. There are elegant lily flower hair clips or daisy flower hair clips that can be placed on the baby hat to dress it up. Try a brown kufi baby hat with a pink lily flower hair clip or a red crochet baby hat with a white daisy hair clip.

  • New parents may feel a little awkward when it comes to dressing up their babies, often finding it tough because they want to make sure that what they make their tiny joy wear is comfortable, cool and will not cause any form of irritations. However, they would love to make their baby look its cutest whey they proudly introduce the child to friends and relatives. Making your babies look cute is now easier with the creation of hair accessories. Take for example crochet baby headbands. Usually handmade for sure comfort, a crochet headband for baby made in light and soft material are easy to put on your baby’s head, it is soft and fluffy that they don’t cause unsightly marks on your baby’s forehead.
    Another cute item in baby hair fashion accessories list is the baby flower headbands. This feminine cherub’s item has a way of making even bald heads look daintily cuter. It is a cute way of announcing to clueless people that your cute little baby is a girl who is yet to grow her hair. There was a time when baby pictures hardly tell you if the baby is a boy or a girl especially those without hair. But with today’s baby fashion accessories, headbands for babies let you know that the baby in the picture is a girl who will soon grow as a charming little princess.
    With so many colorful baby headbands available in the market today, which you may be able to purchase at your local baby supply store or online, announcing to the world that you are the proud parent of a darling baby girl comes easier but also fun. You can choose among plain baby headbands or those decorated with dainty flowers or vibrant bows for a more appealing picture.

    Put on your baby’s little head the crochet baby headband with small cute flowers. The crochet headband with polka dot bow is also an adorable option. If you like to go bolder, try our black stretchy baby headband with a red lily hair clip on it. Or you can try a purple crochet headband with a purple daisy hair clip.

  • Any girl who is gifted with lustrous hair would be proud to wear it being her crowning glory and because beautiful hair is an important part of her being. The kind of hair that a girl has or her hair color can significantly help her have that total look.

    The way you style your hair could also give you the complete look and using banana clips for thick hair if you happen to have thick mane is one way of styling it. There are also small banana clips for hair of small girls in the family. Using small banana hair clips on little girls’ hair is a very cute way to tidy up their long locks.

    Hair banana clip tied is very appealing to look at because of the distinct shape it can create as hair is gathered at the back. You can choose several colors of banana hair clip so you can use one that matches your shirt color for a more stylish appearance.

    Keeping your hair neat and away from your face can be easy yet stylish enough to grab attention when you use banana hair clips that come in many attractive colors to suit your preference and mood.

  • Put it on your skirt, pants or dress, a belt will give a perfect touch to your outfit. Try the satin belts, leather belts, canvas belts or elastic stretch belts. You can wear studded belts, braided belts, belts with bows, and belts with buckles. The variety is endless.

    Any of your attire can always be made more attractive when you use belts which are no longer simply for holding up your pair of pants. When you want to achieve a look like you stepped out from a Wild, Wild West scene, donning women’s western belts over denim jeans and a simple shirt is the instant solution. You may also use wide earth color leatherock belts and get same result. 

    Women’s wide belts are other must-have fashion accessories because they can help trim your waist line and give you the effect of a whistle-bait figure. Your choice will never run out when it comes to accessorizing with belts. When you feel like having a bit more pizzazz, you can use cheap rhinestone belts and feel more glamorous without spending a fortune.

    Among the very popular choices are ladies western belts which come with different types of buckles to cater to your taste. But whatever your fashion sense dictates, you will never run out of choices because belts available in the market are made of a wide range of materials. While leather belts remain as top pick, other kinds of belts are also popular given their aesthetic appeal. 

    Don’t get left behind and get your own set of different kinds of belts and unleash the fashionista in you!


    How To Measure Yourself for a Belt


  • Both heavy and light berets stock the shelves at From woolen beret to heavy crochet beret to the feather light beret , they are all made of top quality.

    A great way to protect your head is by way of using berets and a cheap beret that does not necessarily have to look cheap but will make a good protection is an ideal choice. Women’s beret makes a good fashion statement and makes a good comfort wear at the same time when they are made of light weight material.  So if you are the kind of fashionista who enjoy hats particularly berets, you can get the best deal if you order in berets in bulk which means greater savings. That way, you can enjoy wearing different berets with different colors. Feel like sporting something French? Then you can grab some cheap French berets and wear them with pride.

    Berets have graduated from they were originally made for and have become fashion accessories because of the way they are uniquely designed. Some would go for a beret wholesale order because they make perfect gifts too. So if you are out of gift ideas, you might want to try giving away some women’s beret hats. Surely, any of your recipients will enjoy using them because they definitely create a perfect match to many outfits yet give you some kind of a fashion edge.

  • Are you the kind of person who, when making a quick dash to your neighborhood convenience store, you would casually throw on some kind of a head protection? Well that’s an instinct working there but it could also be an opportunity to show off your different designer beanie hats. Especially if it is the cold, winter months out there, it is time to don several winter hats for ladies to be the cool girl that you certainly are.
    Beanies hats for women are a very popular head gear for ladies that even celebrities are often photographed sporting one. It is because they are very comfortable kind of head wear but are very snug and gives the feeling of warmth one needs when it’s cold outside. There are those who enjoy embroidered hats instead, given their unique attraction especially those that are embroidered with intricate designs of colorful flowers, butterflies or other fun designs.

    Another  popular choice among ladies are women beanie hats because you can unleash your creative side by adding designs on them to make them cuter and more fun to wear. What’s more, they are available in many colors so you can grab several pieces to mix and match with your clothes.

    Our chappone or pull on hats are made of a variety materials which gives plenty of choices for both winter and summer hats. The solid chaponnes , striped chaponnes, flower chaponne or one with a visor are all comfortable and affordable.

  • Our large selection of brushes and combs has what to offer for all hair types. We have goody ouchless gel paddle brush which give a comfortable grip and is great for all hair types. The banana wig brush is great for wigs as it give a less tenuous motion when brushing. The goody family pack of hair combs gives an option for every type of hair and texture.

    A lot of people would probably say the reason they use comb is simply because they have to but to many, a comb for hair is to keep the hair well-groomed. While some settle for cheap hair combs in order to keep their locks neat, some opt for the trusted and reliable Goody Brush.

    Brushing or combing your hair is of course taking care of it and by brushing it with the right kind of brush for hair is essential. It could lead to better results because proper distribution of natural oils that gets evenly applied to strands takes place. Because combs are a part of your daily hygiene essentials, some manufacturers have made them more attractive by coming out with rhinestone combs where some are designed to suit the type of hair that you have.

    Whatever your hair type is, there is the right kind of comb or brush for you and getting them is quite easy too as you can avail of them almost anywhere, even online. You can choose from a wide array of hair brush types such as ones that are great while blow drying your hair or some that come with a detangling function for easier hair management.


  • We have many sets to offer. They can be a plaid hat and scarf set or a flower beret and scarf set. You can get our black is beautiful set which gives a variety of product that are all black. How about the random tichel set or our wide headband set which will give you a variety of wide headbands? Try them, you’ll love them.

    In spite of today’s hustle and bustle of the very busy world we live in, people, especially women, still can’t let go of important hair accessories sets. Hair styles need some kind of embellishments to maintain a beautiful appearance and to constantly achieve that “after-parlor” look. A set of accessories composes of different kinds of hair grooming and hair styling items that are often used to make sure one will look good or have the hairstyle that is appropriate for a particular wear.

    Today, hair coverings set is part of everyday style and care so that people continue to look good and stylish at the same time so as not to be outdated. If you have girl friends or nieces whom you would like to please, you can try giving them a gift set of accessories for their hair. It is rarely that a recipient would not appreciate a set of hair accessories because almost everybody uses an accessory or two for their hair.

    So keep those pretty locks looking good at all times by getting several sets for your hair. So that when the need arises that you have to quickly give your hair a fix, you have all that you need within easy reach.

  • Our large variety of feathers is dainty and elegant. We have feather hard headbands, feather soft headbands, feather pre tied bandanas and more. The feathers come in soft shaded colors and striking bold colors. There are many to choose from.

    There are many modern hair accessories available in the market today and they vary in shape, color or size. Among the very popular ones nowadays are feather accessories such as feather clips or Peacock feather headbands. These trendy hair accessories are suitable for both special events and for ordinary occasions. They may also be worn for work, for play or even for a romantic night out.

    Feather headbands for women make a very attractive hair adornment because it suited for whatever hair type or hair color you may have. Whether you have curly or straight hair, short or long, a headband is always appropriate. Dressy headbands are another variety that you may also opt for and still get the same chic result. It is just a matter of choosing the right color for the particular occasion or for the kind of dress you will be wearing. You may choose to use an expensive dress t to wear but you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune for your hair accessories because there are many kinds available in the market that come at very reasonable price but they also look classy and elegant. So go ahead and grab for yourself a set of hair accessories now.

  • Flower Clips
    Looking for the right hair accessory for your little girl used to be a tough task for a busy mom but nowadays, many girl fashion hair accessories are now available. There are the cute flower hair clips for girls that are made with fun colors and designs. Flower girl hair accessories make a perfect compliment for any little miss’ outfit. Girls’ flower hair clips are made with different kinds of materials, designs and colors so you don’t run out of options to choose from.

    You can pick fancy hair clips for your little girl and allow her to style her hair while you guide her. It is a nice, warm way to bond with your girl. Show her how flower girl hair clips can make her look more adorable because of the certain charms flower girls hair accessories posses. By being creative, moms can show their little girls the many fun ways they can look cuter with different hair styles that are fit for little misses with the use of eye-catching baby girl hair accessories. As a mother, you too will surely have fun trying out many different hair styles for your little darling as you braid, bun and do lots of stuff to your little Cinderella’s fine soft locks.

  • Gift Certificate
    It is not surprising to know that there are those who find it difficult to buy gifts for people they consider to already ‘have everything’ or for those whose taste are kind of hard to please. Luckily, there is the availability of several types of discount gift cards for sale. These gift cards make very good birthday, graduation, anniversary or holiday gifts. When you give a friend, a spouse, a daughter, a son or any of your loved ones a gift card for holiday, you give them the freedom to be able to pick what they like best

    This little piece of paper could mean a lot to the person you give it to. Your daughter could probably be fond of all sorts of accessories but you are not sure what particular color or what else she might need, then you can give her an Accessory Gift Certificate. You are guaranteed to receive hugs and kisses from your sweet daughter.

    For friends who are celebrating any kind of special occasion, you may choose to give novelty gifts card instead of wracking your brains trying to look for the most suitable gift. Why not give your friend the freedom to choose what she or he likes best?

    Have you checked out the snoods, pre tied bandanas, and banana clips? The baby hats, baby headband, and turbans? And you’re still stuck as what to give for a gift? No worries! We have gift certificates! You can give an $18 gift certificate, $36 gift certificate, $50 gift certificate, $75 gift certificate and $100 gift certificate.

  • Some people are fond of collecting items that to them may have a significant meaning such as butterflies for singing diva Mariah Carey and she will definitely fall for the pretty butterfly hair clips. She can add these items to her collection and at the same time be able to wear them in her hair.  Hair accessories for girls have indeed evolved from plain and boring hair essentials – items that simply are for tucking hair into place – into more creative and modern designs. Girls, ladies and even mature women are going gaga over the many attention-grabbing ideas put into creative actions on hair accessories.

    Hair clips for girls are one classic example of the advancement of hair accessories in terms of design, color and functionality. Today, hair clips for girls are not just simply made of plain clips that come in limited color variety that girls find them so boring and would not rather use them. Instead, they are made of many different exciting materials that in the past were unlikely and you would not find feather hair clips. In the modern world of hair fashion, however, feathers are very much involved not only in hair clips but in hair extensions and other fashion accessories. There are the imaginative and resourceful clip making talents in metal hair clips, too. Not only do these hair clips keep your hair looking great, they are very strong and can last a long time giving every single worth on the money you spend for buying them.

    Go ahead and have fun with so many offers from the fashionable world of hair accessories and enjoy the colors of the rainbow in your hair. Mix and match different styles, designs and hair clips any way your imagination and creative side tells you to do. 

  • Largest selection Hair Clips and Accessories. We have all types of Hair Clip from Banana Clips, Fish Clip, Daisey Flower , Lilly flower clips, Jaw Clips, Goody Clips.

    Surely, any girl who is into any kind of hair fixing would have already tried using different kinds of hair clips because they are very useful in so many ways. Metal hair clips for example are a good, sturdy way to fix hair. Girls definitely are thrilled with the uniqueness of alligator hair clips because as clips, you get to hold them at least. Have you observed how feathers have become a trend that feather extensions are so much into hair fashion? There are feather hair clips so you too jump into the feather hair fashion wagon.

    If you want the colors of the rainbow for your hair, there are plastic hair clips with many hip colors to choose from or you can go for bow hair clips and get the same effect. Goody hair clips are also must-have hair essentials because of their durability. If you want the kind that adds more sparkle to your hair, go for crystal hair clips, rhinestone hair clips, or sparkly hair clips.  Some are fond of collecting particular items and if you happen to love collecting butterfly items, you will find it fun to get yourself some butterfly hair clips too.

  • Silver bobby pins, black bobby pins or brown bobby pins come in 2 inch bobby pins There is also goody brighter color sectioning clips hair accessory.

    When it comes to hair accessories for women, one of the most popularly used is the hair pin. For prettier and more fashionable approach, some women go for rhinestone hair pins or for a simple but elegant crystal hair pin. For those who love nature most particularly flowers, they can opt for the flower hair pins; the ones festooned with delightful daisies are really remarkable.

    One notable name in hair accessories maker offers one of its most sale-able items, the Goody hair pin and if you are one for quality, this one is for you. If you would rather go for something unique, you can try spiral hair pins instead or for added elegance, try the pearl hair pins. Created in the same uniqueness as spiral are the twist hair pins that make a good addition to making hair look more beautiful. Colors on the other hand are what make plastic hair pins very attractive as hair accessories. Using them simply gives your total appearance a flavor so adoringly pretty in many delightful ways. This is likely one of the reasons why they remain fashionable despite the number of years they have been present as a hair adornment.

  • Check out our variety of hair rollers. There are goody magnetic roller hair accessory which is made to have your curls last the whole day. The goody large foam rollers are made specially to hold your hair in place without pins. The thermal self holding hair rollers have a ceramic lining that heats when a blow dryer is blown on it.

    The days when moms are always in hair rollers while asleep may not be often seen anymore but hair rollers are still a part of women’s hair essentials. Women-on-the-go may find it very convenient to own set hair rollers especially those called travel hair rollers. When you own a set, you are ever-ready to fix your hair quickly wherever you may go and there’s no reason for you not to be as pretty as a prom queen even when traveling. For bouncy curls that swing and sway with you, jumbo hair rollers are perfect to create the great waves.

    Ladies with short hair need not fret because there’s hair rollers for short hair made especially for you. For an instant hair curl, you can use brush hair rollers or soft hair rollers which are comfortable to use even when you put them on overnight if you need curly locks the next morning. There are indeed many ways to get the curl you want with an assortment of rollers like Velcro hair rollers, spiral hair rollers, small hair rollers, plastic hair rollers and the ever trusted Goody hair rollers. Transforming an ordinary mane into gorgeous locks is easy with hair rollers.


  • All ages enjoy the hard headband . Beautiful fabrics with beading and appliques make for an elegant Hard Headband . There are also solid and simple designs that are perfect for everyday. If you have a hard time keeping a Hard Headband in your hair, many of our headbands have teeth underneath to hold it in place.

    Hard Headbands - How To Tie Headbands


    Hair accessories for women have always been a staple part of hair styling especially hair bands. Their use can be traced back all the way to the 60s when the like of fashionable women like Jackie O donned hair bands. Today among the popular types of theses are metal hair bands or hard plastic hair bands. Many girls with long hair also find wide hard hair bands that come in many attractive colors a perfect pair for their long locks especially those that match the color of their shoes or bags.
    Wearing hard hair bands can give any hair whether long or short a unique kind of fashion flair without having to go through a lot of trouble. They are very easy to put on any time you need one. There is no need to do a lot of preparation; there is no need for other kinds of hair chemicals such as hair gel or a spray net. You simply place it to secure hair and voila – an instant hair make-over! Another very attractive item is feather hair bands especially with the growing popularity of feathers as hair accessories. Grab you own hard hair band and be trendy too!

  • Try the embossed cap , perfect to wear from the sunniest to the rainiest day. What about the design Angora hat or the elegant large flower hat? Both beautiful yet both different. If you love a hat or cap you'll love our selection.

    One of the widely used fashion accessories are hats. Even celebrities are often photographed donning all sorts of this head gear. Straw hats for example can give you the tropical feeling of being in a great island resort. When the weather calls for it, knitted hats are what you would often see people wearing when it is cold outside. Youngsters on the other hand are often seen with fitted hats or hats caps beanies adorning their heads. Event the sensational singer Taylor Swift is a fan of beanies which are considered as fashion hats because they have some kind of charisma that attracts many young ones to casually throw them on.

    For the ladies of England, different kinds of ladies hats are they are very often seen wearing because hats are part of traditional English wear even on ordinary days. Because fans often emulate their idols, it is not surprising to see many flat cap hats becoming a trendy head gear. Rappers have popularized the use of these head gears and it naturally follows that many admirers copy what their idols wear including their hats or their caps. Luckily, these items may be obtained easily and may even be ordered online for a more convenient way of acquiring them.

  • Pink studded head wrap or a red solid head wrap, we have both in a variety of colors. They are great to keep hair off the face. They can be worn for the simplest to dressy occasions. Simple yet fashionable.

    You need not be a gypsy to don a head wrap even if it is the gypsies that made them popular. It seemed that the attraction of head wraps has expanded to more people that you would see many different kinds. Among the most often seen are the silk head wraps because they are very light and comfortable. And if you think only men sport a head wrap, think again because there are head wraps for women too that come in a variety of designs and colors and one that they popularly use is the head wrap scarf.

    The versatile bandana is also used as a head wrap or as a head band. Some women choose to use it as a handbag accent. Sikh men may have started the trend but the attraction of the turban head wrap has gone beyond Sikh use. It only goes to show that head wraps as fashion statement is spreading like wildfire that many other kinds of head wraps are coming out and are made available to us like the head towel wrap. During colder months, one might find comfort in the warmth that knitted head wraps or a crochet head wrap can give and of course, you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to these fashion items so grab a head wrap for yourself now.

  • Narrow headbands, wide headbands , headband with appliques , feather headbands , printed headbands or solid striped headbands, many styles for any taste. These are headbands that circle around the head entirely connected in the back of the neck by either a piece of material or elastic. These are great for those with hair loss at the front of the hair line. The wide headband are very popular for those with hair loss or balding around the skull area.

    NEW! How Wear a Headband?

    Babies are very cute and they become a lot cuter when their mommies adorn them with baby headbands that are made in variety of pretty designs such as flower headbands. Wearing one jut makes babies ready for a photo session anytime.

    The popularity of headbands just won’t wean; in fact, all the more do they become a must-have hair fashion item. A crochet headband for example is simply attractive because of the effort behind the hand-woven material. Toddler headbands meanwhile are so admiringly cute that mommies make sure they get their tots at least a couple or more to mix and match with their cute overalls. If you are after comfort and snug fit, you may choose to get elastic headbands or stretchy headbands which secure hair away from faces in a comfortable manner. Or you may pick cotton headbands instead which don’t cause some sort of irritations.

    Also trendy are wide headbands because they are visually appealing more so those that come with floral attachments. Other types of eye-catching samples are knit headband, bow headband or if you like them a bit out-of-the ordinary, go for funky headbands. Stylishly good too are jeweled headbands or sparkly headbands that go best with dresses cut for a romantic night out.

  • The headbands with tails are interesting because of their featured no tie tails. This is great for a rushed day were there is no time to tie a kerchief around the head for a perfect fit. This headband with tails just gets slipped on over the head and is already tied by a piece of elastic. The elastic can be tighten to fit a small head size.

    NEW! How Wear a Headband With Tails?

    When the song line that tells someone to wear flowers on her hair if she would go to San Francisco was written, it must have been for a good reason. Flowers can really add beauty and if you can’t get a fresh flower, there always the headbands with flowers for you which will definitely give the same effect if not more because it keeps your hair neat and tidy at the same time.

    Headbands are really a cool item to own because they are so functional. Silk headbands for example are very attractive given the luster of the fabric. Remarkably awesome to use too are tie headbands because there are many different ways you can use your creativity in tying the ends. Tips on how to do them are easily found online. You can also create your own brand of fashion statement by using headbands bandanas depending on the color and design of the bandana you choose to use as a headband.

    There are women who are a bit sensitive to hair accessories made of hard materials that they don’t often use hair accessories. But with padded headbands, they too may enjoy the quick-fix a headband can give and have fun with their hair.

  • The Israeli tichel or mitpachot is a popular headscarf worn by many people including for those who cover for both religious reasons and hairloss. There is every color and style one can imagine from the printed turquoise tichel with silver lurex to the taupe flowery tichel with silver lurex . There are many different ways to tie tichels by either tying into a bun, crown, braid and many more.

    3 ways to Tie a Tichel


    While it may create quite a swirl that the Israeli fashion is also making its way into the world of glitz and glamor, those who see why there is an attraction to using a Israeli Tichels or a head scarf in their fashion can’t be blamed. There’s just simply a different kind of flavor to it!

    Take for example the use of Israeli scarves that has become very popular among celebrities, men and women alike. Rappers wear them on stage, dancers use them as accessories and even women celebrities don them, putting an end to their use as strictly prayer coverings. Along with this trend came the boom of head coverings used as fashion accessory and one very hip and cool to use is the he tie headscarf as well as the lurex scarves, too.

    Indeed the use of scarves and shawls have gone a long way from mere protection from cold, wind, as face or head covers to essential fashion add-ons. You, naturally, would not want to be outdated and would like to grab a couple of these items right now. Luckily, you may easily avail of these accessories online for easier and more convenient way of acquiring them right at the comforts of your homes.

  • Over and over again, people remark about how time flies and this is especially true for your baby girls. She may be just a tiny and cute bundle of cottony soft joy in your arms this moment and before you know it, she has already blossomed into a, sweet, pretty young lass charming all and sundry. She would begin to wear prettier clothes and would want to throw on hats for little girls every once in a while. 

    Choosing the appropriate head wear for your little girl can be a daunting task for moms, more so for those who are busy juggling both worlds of being a career woman and a mother. Fortunately, there are cute hats for girls especially made for little ladies like yours. Girls’ hats are often designed in fun but creative ways so the little misses can enjoy wearing them and bask in the appealing and attraction hats give their wearers.

    There are so many offers coming from milliners for young girls in the world of hair fashion that your young girl is sure to enjoy. Even when the weather changes and it is time to don winter clothes, girls’ winter hats can still make your darling little miss a sight to enjoy.  The imaginative designers and makers of hats and clothes have also put winter wardrobe into consideration so that what people wear during the colder months of the year do not appear as drab as the weather. A quick visit to any little girls’ boutique will surely surprise you once you find out that so many items - from clothes to hair accessories to hats - are offered for your little girls who can be as trendy as the times in their own little way yet have fun at the same time.

    Want to keep your little girl cute and feminine? Give her a pink little girl’s hat with a purple daisy hair clip. Or a little girl black kufi hat with a white lily flower. Your little girl is sure to love her classy look.

  • Pony holders can be used to gather some hair into a half pony or gather all away into a full pony. There are beaded Pony Holders , Studded Pony Holders, Flower Pony Holders, and many more.
    It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and what better way to flaunt your long, beautiful locks but by using different kinds of hair accessories to make it further attractive. Flower ponytail holders never fail to become the center of attraction when used by a woman with long, straight mane. Looking at her from behind simply tells you she is a woman with taste.  Ponytail holders for thick hair are another pretty way to adorn a head to make sure her hair remains to get attention even from behind.

    A rhinestone ponytail holder always works wonders if you would like a whole lot of glitz to hold your hair in place. There are just so many ways with which you can make your hair look neat and tidy but at the same time fashionably attractive. You like leather on your hair? That can be done, too, with the use of leather hair holder or you can try using ponytail cuffs instead if you would rather use a different material.

    With so many hair accessories that you are fond of using, it may be challenging to keep them together in one place for easy access and you might want to try using a hair clip holder and keep them organized.

  • Pre Tied bandana A convenient headcovering that can be used to cover your hair is the popular Pre Tied Bandana . The many different styles, fabrics, and appliques gives oppurtunity for everyone. The feather Pre Tied Bandana, Stoned Pre Tied Bandana , Striped Pre Tied Bandana, Navy Terry Pre Tied Bandana, Maroon Velvet or the Solid Pink Cotton Pre Tied Bandana all are very different but are all commonly comfortable affordable and great for religious or hair loss head covers.

    How To Wear A Pre-Tied Bandana?


    If you love bandanas and have tried using several designs and colors, you would surely find the twist kind of flavor a tie dye bandana gives, in the same manner that there is a unique appeal in tie dye shirts. There is also a different kind of charm the intricate patterns found on paisley bandanas give to people who use them.

    Not all fans of head bandanas though are such experts when it comes to the art of tying the bandana the right way. Because head accessory manufacturers understand this minor predicament, a major solution emerged in the form of pre-tied head scarves.  Don’t hair accessory makers think of everything? It is because head bandanas have become a popular head gear not only to fashionistas and trend-setters but to common folks as well. this is also the reason why there are now a wide range of bandana varieties that you can choose from; there is cotton bandana for added comfort, a colored bandana for hues appeal or a mere solid bandana which helps one unleash his or her creative side by coming up with a personalized approach at it. The use of a bandana scarf however is not limited to merely headgear as you can create other ways to use it.

  • Throwing on a gorgeous shawl will not only give a bit more warmth but will also up your wardrobe style. The beautiful pashminas and shawls come in an elegant variety. There is the turquoise pashmina, the black pashmina or an elegant purple or grey shawl. They are a must have for every women.

    Gone are the days when shawls were associated with grandmother wear or colder months’ warmers such as the knitted shawls. Nowadays, a lot of trend-setters don shawls wraps to serve the purpose of a little cover when wearing something sexy. Pashmina is another similar item used for the same function, meaning, not only as something to ward chilly feelings off but as a fashion accessory too.

    More sophistication and class flavor come into the picture when a woman who is out for a night out whether for a romantic dinner or to attend a recital dons evening shawls. Believe it or not, this is supposed to cover bare shoulders but the more women become sexier when they wear one.

    Silk scarves, especially the really large ones are also sometimes used as shoulder cover and can’t say the girls who do can be blamed. There is something about the sweet, soft touch of the material that makes it a popular choice just like the cashmere pashmina shawl that is also a feel-good material. Some materials though are used for a different purpose like the meditation shawl but this is not to say that prayer shawls should not be made stylish but with a tasteful approach to them of course.

  • Want to keep your perfectly done hair in place while you shower or bathe? Try our goody black lined shower caps. You can use the slumber caps for a comfortable option to keep your hair intact at night. Try the goody satin adjustable sleep cap which accommodate all hair lengths and rollers.

    Ready to hit the shower for your big date but don’t want to ruin that beautifully done hairdo which may be destroyed in case it gets wet? Then the simple but very practical solution to that is an extra large shower cap. Of course we all know why shower caps were created. It is not every time you take a bath that you shampoo your hair or would want it to get wet too if your reason for half baths is just for a quick freshening up.

    Some may be sensitive to using plastic shower caps that are made with garter lining and therefore should opt for terry lining shower cap. There could be other reasons why one would need to use a shower cap when taking a shower hence these items have become bathroom essential to many. Plastic shower caps are very functional bathroom items but they don’t have to be boring. Bath time should be fun time even if you need to rush it but when you don’t want your hair to get wet, there is always pretty shower caps to put on. Their designs can be pretty little flowers or dolphins or anything that adds to making showers more enjoyable.

  • The snoods are crochet and are perfect for those covering their hair entirely. It is great for a bad hair day. The variety of colors are perfect for any wardrobe. Try the Gold Crochet Snood or the Denim Long Snood . There are snoods with a band for an extra secure fit.

    NEW! How To Wear a Snood!

    There was a time when snoods were just well… snoods. Nothing much to them just used to serve their purpose of keeping hair in one place at the back, that’s it. But today,   you might be surprised to find out that snoods have also evolved to play a big part in hair fashion accessories. Snood scarves for example are a very attractive way to tying up your hair neat and prim at the back but with a touch of glamor. Match such style with the right combination of clothes and voila- a fashion statement for you there!

    For people who are in some kind of work where their hair should not get in the way, a hair net snood is their best bet so that the head stays cool but the hair is tucked neatly in a bun with the help of the snood. Snoods for women, just like any fashionable hair accessories are also made with different materials to suit whatever preference a woman might have. There is cashmere snood for a special feel. Some might find snood crochet pattern a more preferred style. The choice and preference could differ in ways but there will surely be the right snood color, material and design for everyone.

  • The popular Bandana Accessories square bandanas come in a variety of solid bandanas , floral bandanas, paisley bandanas , striped bandanas , army bandana, polka bandanas, tie dye bandanas and printed bandanas . Wear them as a necktie, a kerchief, folded into a headband, or whatever you would like to us it for.

    5 Tricks for Wearing a Bandana?


    The colorful bandanas are very well-known items for people who love creating a fashion trend with the way they come up with so many different ways they can be used. Bikers are known for using bandanas as head scarves and have made them quite popular that even celebrities are often seen sporting the same kind of head wrap. And since of course, adoring fans love copying their favorite celebrity, it won’t be surprising to find them donning the same head wrap.

    Bandanas may mean something different when a particular color is wrapped on either arms but as fashion accessories, makers have come up with so many ideas and designs from leopard bandanas to camouflage bandanas. You might think it is some kind of a military bandana but who knows that a day might come and even enlisted men would be required to own one.

    Cotton bandanas make an ideal choice given the comfort of the fabric plus the fact that they can be printed with many designs. For a very feminine touch, a floral bandana made of cotton is nice. There are paisley cotton bandanas for those who go for more elaborate patterns. Flag bandanas too are so in especially among athletes who love wearing the country they represent on their heads.

  • Hair accessories are fashioned in many different creative ways where varied materials are used in order to come up with the hair fashion suited to an individual’s preference. Among the popular hair accessories that are very hip and cool today are the doo rags which are actually a type of a bandana. It is also sometimes spelled as du rag. If you are the type of a person who enjoys using this type of hair accessory and you want them in different colors or materials like silk cloth or bright cotton, you might be able to drive a better bargain if you purchase wholesale doo rags. Big discounts are obtained when you buy in bulk.

    The term doo rag was derived from the words ‘hair do’ and ‘rag’ and doo rag is a more updated hip term for a piece of cloth used to cover the head the typical bandana fashion. Some doo rags are fashioned to make tying easier for new users and these are often called tie backs. More often, bikers are seen sporting doo rags or what they know as biker bandanas. Bikers wear them to protect their head while some wear them during sports or recreational activities not only to keep their hair away from their faces but as well as for fashion statements. For those who love doing outdoor adventures, these bandanas can serve as tourniquets too in case an incident happens and a tourniquet is needed. There are several reasons why people buy them.

    A doo rag pattern can be simple or intricate, depending on what suits a wearer’s preference. Other creative individuals buy plain doo rags and do the designing themselves for a more personal bandana. If you have the knack for designing your own doo rag, get one that is sans of designs so you can unleash the creative side that you possess.  

    Tie backs or durags are popular for their multi use purposes. Hair loss patients enjoy these stylish headcover for they are great for covering bald spots around the head. The funky styles such as the Funky Cotton Tie Back give spice to an otherwise simple headcovering. Many people love these lightweight Tie Backs for some style on a boring day. Try the yellow Paisley Tie back or the Solid red Tie back.

  • Because women are unlikely to give up some conveniences even when they travel, especially those that are beauty-related, some specialty stores that offer mirrors for sale also carry among their products a travel makeup mirror. Women who travel see to it that they remain looking attractive and this item is their best friend. Vacation time is the time most people want to look their best that is why a mirror is one convenience that people, especially women, can’t do without. Travel mirrors are available in different kinds even the lighted ones. This may sound surprising to you but, yes, there are lighted travel mirrors that work with the help of batteries. These are good to have with you when you go on camping trips where electricity is not available but you still like to put some make up on. 

    Some travel mirrors might not have the same features that a stationary mirror has but often, they serve the purpose when you need to put on makeup properly. There are makeup mirrors made for travel purposes and even if they don’t come with lights, there are the so-called 10x magnifying mirrors so you can use them when you need closer self-scrutiny.

    In case you need to hit out of town any time, now you know that there is no reason for you not to be able to keep yourself pretty as a flower as you travel by bringing along with you a travel cosmetic mirror - whether the magnifying mirror or the one lit by battery-powered bulbs, you are sure to make your makeup application and removal easier even if you are on-the-go. Who says staying pretty is only where the mirrors are when you own a portable and functional travel mirror? With it, you can hit the road and be on your way anytime!

    Ever in desperate need of a mirror and you don’t have one handy? Then you should consider our travel mirrors. We have goody professional series 3 in 1 folding mirror. We also have goody 2 sided makeup mirror which magnifies your reflection to make applying makeup easier. Try our goody compact mirror with flip cover to always carry in your handbag.

  • During summer when it is time to hit the beach for that fun, laughter and other beach activities, it is not always a hat that you have to put on your heads as protection. A good but hip substitute is a bandana that is equally attractive, colorful and an excellent addition to your beachwear wardrobe.

    Aside from beach wear use, bandanas are also ideal for other uses being versatile as they are. They can be used as cycling, hiking or outdoor sports headgear especially triangle bandanas because they are easier to tie at the back of the head as there is no more need for you to fold it according to desired shape and the design is exactly for the purpose of covering your head partially.  Large bandanas on the other hand serve many purposes too and with a little imagination, they can be used as sexy women’s top over denim shorts, again a perfect beachwear.

    Sporting a funky but stylish look can come quite easy with the help of using different colors or different designs of bandanas. There is a paisley bandana if you are fond of elaborate prints or patterns so you can better express the fashionista in you.  As admirer of bandannas, you will find cheap bandanas when you order bandanas wholesale. Doing a wholesale order guarantees lower priced bandanas for you but more fun selection so you can match one to any of your jeans or shorts or even with your shoes for a more stylish you.

    As a fashionista, creating a fashion statement with bandanas is easy and inexpensive. A single bandana could probably cost you around $2 to $5 depending on the material or type of cloth. Compared with rectangular bandanas, you will find triangular bandanas to be more affordable because less cloth is used to produce one.

    Swirls and sparkles , lycra and cotton. Each triangle bandana has it own style yet they are all comfortable and easy to wear. The triangle bandana gives the look of the square bandana but does not require any folding. There is a studded splash applique Triangle bandana which give a simple Triangle a fun look.

  • Turbans started most likely in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia because these are the popular headgear worn in these areas. Today however, the use of turbans is no longer limited to merely headgears for people of these regions because there are now fashionable turbans used by a lot of people in the fashion world. Chemo turbans are also used by patients who undergo chemotherapy because they are able to cover the loss of hair that results from the treatment. They find comfort in using chemotherapy turbans because, that way, they are able to stay in fashion while camouflaging the effects of the chemo treatments.

    The use of turban headbands is also fast becoming a popular trend while more and more are finding the art of tying the turban the right way quite a challenge. But once they learn the art of tying what used to be the traditional headgear of the Royal Rajasthan, their symbol of religious pride and honor, they fall into the fashion and start collecting them in different colors and one very popular color is red turbans.

    What may be considered as an awesome turban buy is when you are able to pick the best turban materials at a reasonable price because a great turban material makes a very attractive headgear. There is also meaning in turban shades depending on the occasion but in today’s fashion world, the use of the turban is, additionally, for aesthetic appeal as people become more and more comfortable in the art of tying it. So if you feel like joining the club of those who are getting fond of using turbans, take your pick on the many kinds offered  in the market today. Choose among the very colorful ones, dotted, stripe or other more elaborately patterned kinds and have fun in the new fashion trend.

    Excellent for whoever wishes to cover their heads for hair loss or religious reasons. The turbans cover all the hair from the front of the head all the way until the back of the neck. There are red turbans, pink turbans, brown turbans, black turbans and many more colors. They are comfortable enough to be worn as sleep caps.

  • What used to be part of casual wear, headbands have now become a prevailing item in the fashion world so much so that women now also wear them with formal attires. Very appropriate for formal occasions are thin headbands that are discreet but are ideal items in keeping hair orderly and tidy. With the popularity of headbands, looking for special hair accessories that really stand out has become much easier.
    A particularly attractive design that girls go crazy about in their little miss fashion world are flower headbands that go perfectly with summer outfits. They can wear floral, flowing summer dress and match it with beautifully crafted floral headbands and instantly, the whole ensemble becomes a summer flavor of the season. Headbands have a way of adding the right blend of interest and attraction to any outfit.
    With so many styles, designs and colors available, it is not difficult to understand why headbands have become so popular such as the very uniquely fashioned braided headbands. There is a certain kind of unusually creative touch headbands with braid design that makes them appealing. Additionally, a silk headband is another fun item to go for when choosing a headband material. When you have at least three or four headbands in your collection, you will surely have one that is a perfect match to your outfit whether it is a casual wear or a formal wear. Pick one that you find comfortable that gives added appeal at the same time.
    Headbands may have started to join the collection of fashion accessories as early as the 60s but because of their versatility and functionality, their use continued to be carried on to the 80s, 90s and even in the latest fashion.  Surely, because they continue to be so popular, they will remain to be a part of hair fashion for a long time.

    The untied headband is a long sash that can be tied to any head size with two tails hanging down. The variety of prints such as the Turquoise and Beige Untied Headband or the Lavender Paisley Untied Headbands are great for everyone taste.

    How How Wear A Untied Headband?


  • Are you looking for that great deal? Always eying your favorite hair covering but was waiting for a sale to buy it? Now you can shop our sale page. Look for the already reduced prices on sale. You will see  clearance headband, sale bandanas, clearance clips and sale pony holders.

  • Your new baby girl is your source of so many loving and tender moments and most of the time, you want to capture each special bonding moment between the two of you. You take a lot of pictures of your baby which is natural and most often, because of this, you enjoy dressing and dolling up your baby. Hence you make sure you have everything in your baby’s layette for those picture-perfect moments and included in your baby essentials are baby hair accessories like baby hair barrettes.

    To most parents, completing their baby essentials and wardrobe comes first than completing their own and there is nothing wrong with that. Because as parents, it can really be fun spending time and effort on baby’s wear and hair items like baby hair bows that are fashioned in delightful burst of colors. As your charming little angel grows and continue to provide you fun and moments of laughter, so does her hair and you can add hair clips for toddlers in her set of hair accessories. These are designed in numerous shapes, styles and colors. Just make sure that you get the ones that are made with strong but non-toxic materials so that they don’t cause harm to your child. Small hair clips are very nice to use on your baby’s hair but make sure to get the ones that are safe, without small attachments that could come off. Your baby could choke on these things. While it is exciting to doll your baby up, you also want to make sure you use only the best kind of materials that will not be harmful for your child. Her safety should always be top of the list so make sure to purchase hair accessories for your sweet toddler only from trusted and reliable baby hair accessories dealer. 

  • Bow ties never go out of style. Many different styles are available.

  • Suspenders have been worn for over 200 years. Originally they were only used for practical
    reasons but today fashion is the factor.
    The X shaped suspenders are very convenient since the user can clip the back straps further from the
    back waistband.

    Choose the width that fits you most. We have the narrow ones that can work for children and adults as

    well, since their size is adjustable and the standard, thicker ones in a variety colors.
    If you have not experienced the fashion and comforts of suspenders, now maybe a perfect time to start!

  • The newest fashion today are wire headbands. You will love it too, just try it out.The headband looks like  a long stick with a flexible wire running inside. You can bend it, Tye it, twist it the way you like it.Wear it like a head wrap, a headband tied in the back, a pony holder, or a scarf around your neck. Different colors, styles available. Check out the wire headbands with the chain, really exquisite. Doesn't matter what style or age you are, this wire headband will be a hit.



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