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Put Some Spring in Your Wardrobe: Wear Pastels!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

What shouts “spring” louder than delicate, sweet pastels?  Pale shades were all over the runways for this season, and many women are thrilled that ladylike and feminine colors are back in.  But if you plunge head-first into this trend, you run the risk of looking washed out or overly sweet and girlish.  And some women shy away from pale colors because of their hair and skin tones.  Well, never fear ladies, because there are lots of ways to wear pastels and I guarantee that you can find a way to do it that suits your looks and your sense of style. (more…)

I Feel Like Blogging About…Toys

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

old toys I watched Toy Story 3 recently, and it got me thinking about all the stuff I used to play with back in the day.  I miss my old Creepy Crawler Workshop, and my gymnastics Barbie with the hinged knees and elbows.  Did any of you actually act out games with your Barbie dolls?  Because all I remember is getting them dressed in various getups, and then switching them all to a new clothing theme until I got sick of those tiny little snaps.   (more…)

I Feel Like Blogging About…Books

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Some authors are better than others at description.  Some bring in loads of tedious details just to take up space, and others leave almost everything up to your imagination.  Back when I read Great Expectations in high school, I learned that it’s packed with unnecessary descriptions because Dickens was paid by the word – so he made darn sure he got his money’s worth!

But the best authors can tell you only exactly as much as you want to know.  I know that some people tend to skip the descriptive parts of a book, but I’ve always lingered over them, forming precise pictures in my mind.  I like to know what everyone looks like!

Laura Ingalls Wilder, for example (the Little House books), does a great job of describing clothing.   (more…)

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