pony_holdersWith the cold winter months out, you now have more freedom to choose how you’ll do your hair. Yes, out with the thick winter hats and in with more gorgeous hairdos minus the hair coverings. And guess what’s making a big comeback for the spring season? It’s no other than the pony tails!

Whether you have a shoulder length hair or the Rapunzel-like one, you’ll sure rely on a pony tail this spring. Why? Because it’s actually one of the easiest ways to do your hair. You can go with sleek and high, soft and low, or low and parted on side with curls if you have longer hair. For shorter hair though, the sprout look is a much better option for you—but of course expect to have difficulty fitting every last hair into the pony holder.

Now, if you’re attending a more formal gathering, you might have second thoughts about doing a pony tail. You don’t have to actually because pony tails are chic even in formal events and special occasions such as weddings. The trick here is to use exciting hair accessories such as feathers, hair pins, and flower clips. For young girls, you can actually match the pony tail with a nice headband with bow or flower design. Or better yet, use a pony holder that’s already designed with a bow or flower so you won’t have to get separate accessories at that.

Excited now to try this exciting hairdo? So you see, there’s a lot more to pony tail than what you just know. Although it’s a default hairstyle for most women, you can still do a lot of variations so you’ll look different from the rest. Yes, it may be best for an ordinary day when you do house chores or perform exercise routine; but for special occasions and events like proms and weddings, pony tails are still perfect ways to make your hair more manageable and make you look great at the same time.

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