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Toddlers Need Hair Accessories Too

Friday, April 18th, 2014

images (1)Whether toddlers have little, long, curly, short or no hair at all, they too need hair accessories. Don’t raise those eyebrows because it is true! Imagine a cute baby girl who is often mistaken for a boy just because she happens to be wearing a denim overalls and she has very little hair. Would she there still be a case of mistaken gender if she was wearing a cute but dainty head band with a pink flower attached to it? Yes, exactly…that is one of the many reasons why they need those pieces of hair fashion trinkets.


When you let your toddler use a practical piece of soft, cloth head band for instance, you help ease the child’s irritation over some unruly wisps of hair that keep getting into her eyes. However, even if it can be so much fun making them wear different colors of barrettes, hair clips, hair pins, etc keep in mind that they must be safe for them.


Fashionable Hair Accessories for Curly Hair

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

image2_hair accessoriesNatural or synthetic curls are sometimes hard to manage. Wearing it loose all the time can be messy and can get in the way of you doing something, particularly when important tasks need to be finished. Here is where accessories come in, to handle too much body from your curly hair.

The quickest way to cover part if not most of your curly hair is with the use of head wraps. Simple cloth will do but you could be more fashionable by choosing designs that would fit the color of your dress and your skin tone. Head wraps can be done by simply turning it around the part of your hair you want to cover. You can be more creative by trying different knots or make ribbons in the end. (more…)

Simple Hair Style Made Elegant by Accessories

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

image 1The type of hairstyle to wear when going to simple get-togethers or coat-and-tie bashes can be challenging. Much more so if you’re a clear cut simple woman. Uncomplicated hair styles can do wonders and the right accessories will probably add to the trick.

Tying your hair without any pins is not only the simplest way to style your hair but also the quickest one. Problem is, you’re not giving your hair justice and the chance of your hair becoming loose or untangled is very high. Nobody likes a messy hair during parties, anyway. (more…)

Visibly Fashionable Bobby Pins

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

hair-accessories-pinAt some point of time, barretes are just a hidden secret of all ladies. It has been a mystery for their hair glamour. But as traditional hair fashion came into transformation, various hair accesories came to be known. From all those metal clips into colorful designs of floral pins.

Though a lot of more fascinating designs of pins have emerged, the simple booby pins still creates a new outlook for hair style. Having it visible is takes another sense of fashion.


More Manageable Hair On A Camping Day With Head Wraps

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Wanting to head off on a mother-little girl holding this spring weekend? What about doing some nature tripping? This is truly the ideal holding minute for you and your small young lady on the grounds that not just you get to hobnob and yet you get to make her study how to relish nature more. Be that as it may before you take off, make a point to get those outdoors essentials prepared. Obviously, do see to it that you wear just open to outdoors outfit. And for your hair, obviously, don’t miss wearing the aforementioned key hair frill the head wraps!

Granted that most individuals treasure the aforementioned hair blankets more helpful throughout the winter period, still you can a lot put one to great utilize come spring time on the grounds that its truly exceptionally flexible.


Complete your Bridal Outfit with a Bridal Hair Comb

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Your wedding day is fast approaching but you haven’t got a nice hair accessory to go with your bridal outfit. That’s too bad because no matter how beautiful your bridal gown is, your look won’t be complete without a nice accessory to accentuate your hair. So where to begin your search? You can look at some women’s magazines or better yet check online. But why go any further if we have the perfect idea here just for you? Yes, a bridal hair comb may just be what you need, so read on.

Bridal hair combs come in many different shapes, colors, designs, and sizes, so you’ll never run out of choices. You just have to make sure that the one you choose will complement your gown and your veil well. (more…)

Head Wraps – For More Manageable Hair on a Camping Day

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Planning to go on a mother-daughter bonding this spring weekend? How about doing some nature tripping? This is actually the perfect bonding moment for you and your little girl because not only you get to spend quality time together but also you get to make her learn how to appreciate nature more. But before you head out, make sure to get those camping essentials ready. Of course, do see to it that you wear only comfortable camping outfit. And for your hair, of course, don’t miss wearing these essential hair accessories—the head wraps!

Although most people find these hair coverings more useful during the winter season, still you can very much put one to good use come spring time because it’s actually very versatile. (more…)

Pony Tails are Back

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

pony_holdersWith the cold winter months out, you now have more freedom to choose how you’ll do your hair. Yes, out with the thick winter hats and in with more gorgeous hairdos minus the hair coverings. And guess what’s making a big comeback for the spring season? It’s no other than the pony tails!

Whether you have a shoulder length hair or the Rapunzel-like one, you’ll sure rely on a pony tail this spring. Why? Because it’s actually one of the easiest ways to do your hair. You can go with sleek and high, soft and low, or low and parted on side with curls if you have longer hair. For shorter hair though, the sprout look is a much better option for you—but of course expect to have difficulty fitting every last hair into the pony holder. (more…)

Learning Hairpins and Combs from Mom

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

hair ideas hair clipsBecause mom has been there all your life having taken care of you since day one, you learn almost everything that you know from her. That includes household chores, how to do the dishes, laundry (why whites have to be separated from colored), cooking and even shopping for groceries and what exactly to buy. Most likely, of course, mom also taught you the basics of dressing up and the use of accessories from fashion to hair.


It could have started with watching her do her hair with simple tricks using teasing combs and a little tucking of strands here and there using hair pins. I used to watch in awe how my own mother would do her hair in a jiffy with the magic that hair pins can do. I am sure, just like me, you also learned the art of using them and may have even invented a few new tricks of your own to come up with a unique hair style. (more…)

What a Girl Wants

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

weddinghairstyles006 You may find it difficult to find the perfect gift for a young girl, especially those in teenage years. If you buy her shirts or clothes, they may not be the right size or she may not like the color or design. So you’d rather opt for something that is without fail going to be liked. So you ask, “what does a girl really want”?

There are so many gift ideas if truth be told but finding the right one for the person is what makes gift-giving an issue. It is often said that gifts allow you to demonstrate how much you don’t know a person. But have you thought of unique and beautiful hair accessories? These items always make a perfect choice. You don’t have to fret over whether the recipient’s hair is long or short, coarse or fine, thin or thick. Girls always find flowers, hair pins, barrettes, ponytail holder, combs, etc. simply irresistible. (more…)

New Season, New Hair Color

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Hair covering during the spring season During the colder months of winter, there’s nothing much that you can do to your hair since you always have to use hair coverings like beanies, winter hats, snoods, and scarves to keep your head warm. But come springtime, you have more options because you can do away with hair coverings and use more stylish hair accessories such as headbands and hair clips. Not only that, you can also very much color your hair for a fresher and more unique look in spring. So, which do you prefer? If you’re thinking about the latter, well that’s great. New hair color for the new season is just wow!

So, what color do you want? Do you want some red? Or do you want to go blonde? It’s really not a surprise if blonde girls want to have red hair during the spring season and the brunettes want the other way around. So if you are thinking about doing any of these, just remember this one very important note: always choose a hair color that is within your natural range. Well, you can always seek the help of a professional hair stylist. (more…)

Animal Hat and Glove Set: Cute Accessories in Spring

Monday, March 4th, 2013

animal hat Out with February and in with March—so yes, spring is definitely upon us. And with the onset of the new season, this just means we have to do away with our winter clothing and accessories and start filling our closet with spring dress and hair coverings. So, are you thinking about getting new clothes and hair accessories this spring? If you’re a bit tight on budget, you can very much stick with your old spring wardrobe and spend a little on cute accessories instead. And when I say cute, I mean both for you and your children such as this animal hat and glove set.

Kids, in particular, love animals, so letting your little one wear an animal hat is definitely a good idea. Now, match that with equally cute gloves and his eyes will sure light up in excitement. Often knitted, this cute animal hat and glove set is the perfect spring accessory that you can buy to complete your kid’s getup. But hey, you can very much get one for yourself too. (more…)

Look Good in Spring with Headbands and Floral Hair Accessories

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Look Good in spring with Headbands and Floral Hair Accessories It will just be a couple of weeks, and we’re all going to say goodbye to winter. Yes, I can already smell the flowers and the cool spring air—and if you’re excited as I am, perhaps you’re also looking forward to spring fashion. Can you hardly wait to get out of those thick gloves and leather jackets and wear more fashionable spring outfit? And are you thinking how you’d stay looking good during this season? Why don’t you start with new accessories and hair coverings? Your hair will sure look amazing in spring with a new set of stylish headbands and floral accessories.

Headbands are great ways to style your hair. They’re actually very popular among women, teens, children, and even babies. They come in different designs, styles, sizes, and colors, so one has plenty to choose from. (more…)

Keep Warm in Style with Knit Hats

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Teenage girl wearing knitted hat and jumperKeeping yourself warm and protected during harsh climate does not mean compromising style and fashion. You can be wrapped all you want but with the right accessories, you can stay looking great. Wearing high quality knit hats or crochet beanie hats does the trick. You may add knitted scarf for complete effects and you would definitely look like you belong in the pages of some glossy magazine.

Hats that help people stay warm during the cold season vary in quality, style and make but probably the most popular types are knitted and crochet. The material is known to stay warm and not cold to the touch even when subjected to cold temperatures. (more…)

Fresh Look at an Old Favorite, the Ear Muffs

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Not so many people are aware that our modern way of living has exposed many of us to sounds that can be so loud that it may lead to some hearing issues. This is why the old time favorite, the ear muffs can come in handy with a good purpose. Another reason to put ear muffs to good use is that they also make good fashion accessories while serving the purpose of ear protection.

Back in the late 1800s, the ear muffs are typically made with simple framework composed of wire and some cloth or fur. They are used to combat the cold winds and keep the ears warm during winter season when the cold temperature really bites.  (more…)

Flower Girl Accessories for that Princess-like Look

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

flower-girl-accessories-1So, your little girl’s going to be a flower girl soon? Well, that’s great! And for sure, you’re so excited to dress her to make her look like a real princess. So, where to start off? Hmmm, of courseher dress. Would the bride decide on the flower girls’ dresses? If yes, then scrap it off your list and proceed to the next – the flower girl accessories. Yes, small details as these may seem but they do complete your little girl’s stunning dress, making her look more adorable and stylish at the same time. So, what are some of the flower girl accessories that you should include on your list? Here are some:

1. Hair accessoriesHair clips and headbands make great accessories for your girl’s hair. But when choosing one, make sure to consider the following: the color of her dress, the theme of the wedding, (more…)

Here Comes the Bride

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Weddings are an exciting event where everyone awaits what the bride will be wearing and how her hair would be done. As part of wedding hair styles, what hair accessories will be used is another consideration because most eyes are on the bride and how she is all dolled up for the momentous occasion.

For most brides, pearls are a popular choice to adorn the hair so often you will find brides wearing hair clips or tiaras and veils studded with pearls. They are sophisticated, elegant and classic that simply does not become outdated.
Any pearl studded hair accessory never fails to bring out the beauty of any girl marching down the aisle. (more…)

Don’t Look Odd – Choose the Right Hair Accessory

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Most occasions require that you style your hair and when you do, you most definitely would need hair accessories to support the hairdo you choose. Social events may ask that you look the part just as formal events would. But not because such occasions scream for different hair styles, you would just use all sorts of hair bows or clips or other hair essentials but certainly not to the point of looking ridiculous. What you see and may even appreciate on the runway may not always be applicable in everyday life.

At Work

You might want to look different every now and then as you go to work daily but keep it to a tasteful minimum. For straight, long hair, (more…)

Hair Accessories – Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching—and there’s no better way to celebrate it than to give your loved ones only the best gifts for them. Have you started your holiday shopping? If you answer yes, then what have you got so far? Hmmm perhaps, it’s a new gadget for Daddy? Or maybe, you’ve got a new book for Mom? How about the little girls? They sure would love the idea of getting new dolls or new dresses, but if they do have them already, then here are the perfect holiday gift ideas for them—hair accessories.

Hair accessories for girls come in many different designs and styles. But before you choose any of them, you must first decide which hair accessory is best suited for your little girl. Is it the classy or elegant feather headbands? Or the simple hair clips and hair pins? How about the hard headband? You might also want to try these for your little girls: banana clips or the typical pony holders. (more…)

Winter Accessories: Keep Your Body Warm Outdoors

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

As the weather gets colder, it becomes more difficult for you to stay outdoors for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, just the thought of walking outside to go to work makes you wish that you’re working from home so you can stay in the warmth of your bed the whole day. But there’s no genie to grant you that wish—so, the least that you can do is to keep your body as warm as possible outdoors. And this is where winter accessories come into play.

Ear muffs and beanie hats—these are just some of the popular accessories that you can use during winter. The earmuffs, for one, can be used to cover your ears and keep them warm. You see, the ears are among (more…)

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