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Visibly Fashionable Bobby Pins

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

hair-accessories-pinAt some point of time, barretes are just a hidden secret of all ladies. It has been a mystery for their hair glamour. But as traditional hair fashion came into transformation, various hair accesories came to be known. From all those metal clips into colorful designs of floral pins.

Though a lot of more fascinating designs of pins have emerged, the simple booby pins still creates a new outlook for hair style. Having it visible is takes another sense of fashion.


Gloves- Multi-Purpose

Monday, May 6th, 2013

girl-gloves.-hair-handbag-fashion-beautiful-cuteIn the same way that shoes were made to secure the feet, gloves serve the same reason: to ensure the hands. Regardless, there are numerous routes in which the gloves do its work.

The medieval times saw the production of gloves made of metal as a feature of defensive layer. Ranchers and ranch specialists made utilization of the calfskin gloves. Monarch Elizabeth was said to have worn gloves splashed with some mixture that aides ward maladies off. (more…)

Put Some Spring in Your Wardrobe: Wear Pastels!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

What shouts “spring” louder than delicate, sweet pastels?  Pale shades were all over the runways for this season, and many women are thrilled that ladylike and feminine colors are back in.  But if you plunge head-first into this trend, you run the risk of looking washed out or overly sweet and girlish.  And some women shy away from pale colors because of their hair and skin tones.  Well, never fear ladies, because there are lots of ways to wear pastels and I guarantee that you can find a way to do it that suits your looks and your sense of style. (more…)

2012 Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango!

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Pantone, the international authority on color, has released what it’s Color of the Year for 2012, Tangerine Tango, a warm red-orange hue.  Like last year’s happy pink Honeysuckle, Tangerine Tango is vibrant, radiating energy.  It’s a little exotic, a little spicy, but definitely friendly and upbeat; this is an approachable shade of a color that can sometimes be off-putting in it’s brightness and visibility.  If you’ve been shying away from orange, definitely give this one a shot!   (more…)

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