baby_hatsAh those cute baby hats—they all look so cool and fashionable, so it’s kind of hard choosing one from the other. Who would have thought that hair accessories as simple as these can give you such a difficult time arriving at a buying decision? Well, fret not because there are lots of mommies out there who are in the same boat as you are. Of course, you want your baby to look at its best, so no rush in choosing the right baby hat for your little one. But to help you on this dilemma, we have listed here a few pointers to guide you when buying cute baby hats.

1. Consider your baby’s head. This is basically the first thing that you have to look into because babies, just like adults, won’t want to wear something that doesn’t fit right. Not only that, it will also be very inconvenient on your part if the hat you buy is too big because it’ll keep on falling off your baby’s head, and you have no choice but to wear it to your baby over again.

2. Choose the ones with creative designs like cartoons, animals, flowers, bows, and more. If your baby is not too fond of wearing a hat, he would be once he sees his favorite cartoon characters on the hat. May it be Mickey Mouse, Tweety Bird, or even Angry Bird, your baby’s eyes will sure light up once he sees his favorite and won’t have second thoughts about wearing it at all.

3. Buy a hat that can be worn for different seasons. This is for practicality reasons. But if you think you can afford to buy different hats for different seasons, feel free to do so. Now for those moms looking to buy more than just winter hats, then it’s highly recommended that you go for those that your baby can still use once the cold weather ends. Crochet hats are good options, so be sure to check them out.

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