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Beating Bedhead, Part 2

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

sleep pillow There are two kinds of people: those who shower at night and those who shower in the morning.  Personally, I love to shower in the morning, but I just can’t get in the habit of waking up early enough to do so.  I’ve been sleeping on wet hair several nights a week for most of my life.  The question is, is that a bad idea?  Many internet question boards are dedicated to the drama of whether or not your should sleep with wet hair.

There’s an old-wive’s tale floating around that sleeping on wet hair will make you sick.  Let me be the one to tell you that this is a myth: there’s nothing about wet hair that can harm you in that way.  If you slept with wet hair above the snow line in the Canadian Rockies in February, I can see you catching hypothermia.  But otherwise, it’s not a concern! (more…)

[POLL] What do You Wear on Your Head in Bed??

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Do you sleep with things on your Head?

What do you wear on your Head in Bed?

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Beating Bedhead, Part 1

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

night cap I’ve tried going to bed with wet hair and dry hair, up hair and loose hair, covered and not.  I’m sure most of you have as well, in your quest to figure out the best way to keep things from getting too out of hand overnight.  This next series of posts is going to discuss a few of the options, and why one or another might work best for your needs.

Gotta include a couple of fun facts first.  Obviously, the original purpose of a nightcap was to keep a person warm in a poorly heated house.  Think about it: you can keep everything but your head under the covers.   (more…)

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