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Back to Basics: The Essential Haircovering Stash

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

hat box As much fun as it is to have a headcovering or hair accessory to go with every outfit, not that many of us have unlimited funds to blow on every cute hat or headband we see.  And for someone who is just starting out with covering her hair, the possibilities can be overwhelming.  So let’s talk about what constitutes your basic stash; what are the essential pieces that no hair-coverer can get by without?

The most obvious thing is your basic black, whether it be a tichel, pretied bandana, snood, beret, or headband.  As big an advocate as I am of wearing color (lots of it and bright!), black does in fact go with just about anything.   (more…)

History of Headgear #9: Straw Hats

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Straw hats Straw hats are the perfect summer accessory.  They’re light, they shade you from the sun, and they come in every possible shape, size, and style.  And while they have a long history, they are anything but outdated!

Straw hats aren’t always made from straw, you know!  The term is applied to most hats made from woven or braided plant fibers.  Straw itself refers to the stalk of grain plants such as oat and rye. Other common hat fibers are sisal, raffia, rush, buntal, abaca, jute, seagrass, ramie, and toquilla palm (used to make those famous Panama hats).  These materials vary in color and texture, so they make a wide variety of hats. (more…)

NOTICE: Hair Covering Required Your Workplace?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

hair covering sign We talk a lot about the best way to cover hair while at work, about how to seem fashionable and not stand out too much while doing so.  But have you ever seen a sign like this?

There are two big reasons why hair covering might be required in a workplace: cleanliness and safety.  Cleanliness is a big issue where food is being handled; no one wants to pull a hair out of their Twinkie, or filet mignon.  Did you know that there are beard covers for men as well?

And safety is a reason to cover in places where tools or machinery could catch hair; anyone who’s read about Victorian sweatshops has seen a horror story where some girl’s hair gets caught in a spinning machine or something and terrible results ensue.  Just as some people remove their wedding rings for safety reasons at work, some people cover their hair.  Hospital workers of various types often cover their hair; sometimes it’s required, and sometimes it’s just smarter or easier to do so. (more…)

Hair Rehab: What to Do When a Haircut Goes Wrong

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Bad hairdo Sometimes, even with a trusted stylist, the look you come away with is NOT the one in the magazine photo that you showed her.  Or what looked fabulous on Reese Witherspoon looks horrendous on you.  Either way, you’ve got a problem; what do you do when a haircut comes out badly?  And if that bad ‘do is in a wig (which won’t ever grow out!), you’re in even bigger trouble.

First of all, you should talk to the stylist.  Tell them what you thought your cut was going to look like, and give them a chance to come up with a way to fix it.   (more…)

The Freakiest Royal Wedding Hats

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Royal Wedding Hats Ok, I know we just did a blog post of crazy runway styles, but I can’t let a British royal wedding go by without pointing out some of the real screamers.  For Americans, the wedding-hat thing is pretty strange because it’s not the fashion in the US.  The idea of wearing one at all comes from the fact that until relatively recently, weddings pretty much always took place in churches, and people were expected to cover their heads in church.  Even though some churches have more relaxed rules now, and people are getting married in other venues, the connection between hats and weddings still lingers.  It remains to be seen whether all the hoopla will inspire a wedding hat trend outside the UK. (more…)

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