Create an instant wave with the use of jaw clips

FranceLuxeCoutureJawClip-23_250hFor some reasons, wavy hairstyle is very popular. A lot of girls want to have a wavy hair because it creates a sense of feminism. There are many different ways to create waves such as using a specialized hairstyling tool. Don’t you know that you can actually achieve an instant wave with the help of a jaw clip? The truth to the matter is you don’t actually need a specialized hairstyling tool and a dryer to make your hair appear wavy. All that you need is a jaw clip or so-called the roller clamps. They are very cheap and readily available at the leading online and offline stores. For about $3, you can purchase a dozen of jaw clips. They are really cheap yet very functional. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the best bridal headband

RhinestoneFloralHBand5Bridal accessories come in all forms, styles, and sizes. They can be easily purchased at the leading bridal boutique stores including traditional brick and mortar store and online. With so many options to choose from, it is quite confusing as to what particular type of bridal headpiece to choose. One of the most sought after bridal hair accessories is the bridal headband. It is a must have bridal accessory and a lot of bride prefer to have it than other types of bridal hair accessories.

Why bridal headband is the popular choice?

One of the reasons why many brides prefer a bridal headband is because they cannot just use the headband on their big day. Read the rest of this entry »

Curling the hair using hair rollers

Woman-Hair-Curlers-2507499Are you a fan of a curly hair? If yes, then you should have hair styling tools with you that can help you achieve curly hair in just a short period of time. One of the must have hair styling tools for curling the hair is hot rollers. By simply using it, you will be able to learn to curl your hair in an easy and excellent way. A high-quality hot roller can help take normal straight and frizzy hair to a full-bodied and full-volume hair. It adds life to lifeless hair making your hair more manageable.

If you are going to use a hair roller, make sure you blow dry your hair first. You can use a blow dryer ad a round brush for easy styling. It would also help a lot if you are going to use a styling gel or a mousse to add volume to the hair. When it comes to curling the hair using hair rollers, you should consider the following steps: Read the rest of this entry »

What kind of headband should you go for?

Around We Go Headband 1A headband is definitely one of the easiest ways to accessorize one’s self. There are plenty of headbands to choose from and you can surely find one that will help you express yourself while keeping yourself stylish and fashionable. The big question is, what kind of headband should you go for? Keep on reading below for you to come up with the most suitable choice.

Crochet headband

A crochet headband is basically used for babies and children. The choices vary depending on the size. A 1.5 inch crochet headband is perfect for infants because they are small and very soft. Using this type of crochet headband will give you Read the rest of this entry »

Fashionable hair accessories for wedding

Crystal-Hair-TiesA woman’s hair is one of the highlights during her wedding day. Every bride wants to make sure that she is at her best and that all eyes are on her. To help you achieve the best possible hairstyle, you have to make sure you have the best hair accessories. The best hair accessories will keep your hair in place throughout the entire wedding ceremony and all the way to the reception.
Wedding hairpin
A wedding hair pin can make your hair look fabulous on your wedding day. Many wedding hairpins today are embellished with beads, flowers, small stones, and even glass. Some even have intricate floral patterns, which will surely make you look beautifully elegant on your wedding day. Hair pins are not new. Read the rest of this entry »

Rotating Hair Brush for a healthier hair

670px-Curl-Hair-Using-a-Hot-Air-Brush-Step-2Hairstyling is a part of life. It is something that should be done by people of all ages and gender. Long hair does need the outmost care and attention. If you don’t have the luxury of time styling your hair, then you can have it cut short. Some people even prefer to shave their hair. Shaving is a viable option, but not to everyone. If you are one of many people out there who love to hair long hair, then you will need a top notch hairstyling tool and one of them is a rotating hair brush. Read the rest of this entry »

The fabulous ways of tying a head wrap

Pengiriman-gratis-gelombang-umum-adalah-lebar-pita-rambut-black-metal-besi-spiral-headband-aksesori-rambut-aksesoriHead wraps come in different style, design, and sizes. In fact, if you are going to shop around, you will surely be overwhelmed with the multitude of choices. Hollywood celebrities are famous personalities have seen sporting different kinds of head wraps, which made them even more popular in the fashion world. More than a fashion, wearing a head wrap is more of expressing one’s self. They say you are what you wear. So, do not let others come up with a wrong impression on you. Carefully choose your head wrap, do not say a thing, and just let your head wrap do the talking. Below are the different ways of tying a head wrap. Choose the one that best suits your personality and style. Read the rest of this entry »

Ideal headband for oval shaped face

mila-kunis-headbands-for-round-face-shapesThey say that an oval-shaped face is a shape fit for a beauty queen. If you got an oval face shape, then you are lucky because you can pull off any hairstyle and hair accessories you want. It would be easier for you to play up your look. You can have your hair curled or volume it a bit. You have all the freedom to style your hair any way you want to. If you love to style your hair using a headband, then now is the time to do so. However, you have to make sure your headband flatters your face. There is no need to put so many accessories. As long as you got the headband of your choice, then you can instantly style your hair.
How to find out if you have an oval shape face? Read the rest of this entry »

Hair brush with boar bristles- why you should have one

brushing_hairHave you seen or ever heard a boar bristle hair brush? It is a hair brush with bristles that resemble human tresses. One of the best things about this bristle is its ability to absorb natural oil from the scalp. It picks up the oil and taking it through the hair strands. As a result, your hair will be moisturized by simply brushing the hair. It will not only keep the scalp healthy, but also keeps the hair in perfect condition from roots to tips. It is called a boar bristle because it is made from the mature boars. With proper care and use, a boar bristle hair brush can last for years to come.

How to take care of hair brush with boar bristles? Read the rest of this entry »

Secrets to styling the hair using jaw clips

hair-claw-styleThere are days when we want to wear our hair down. However, there are also instances when we want to style our hair, especially if we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Some people prefer to put their hair on a ponytail while others think of something else. If you are sick and tired of boring ponytails, then why not put your hair up using a jaw clip. A jaw clip is a type of clip that opens on a spring and comes with interlocking pieces. It helps hold your hair in place.If you visit a hair accessory store, you will find a huge array of jaw clips. They come in various designs, styles, colors, and sizes. So, it would be easier for you to find one that matches your styling needs and personality. Read the rest of this entry »

The Advantage of using a paddle hair brush

Goody 0672A hairbrush is one of the best inventions ever created for hairstyling purpose. Before, the type of hairbrush is very limited. As more and more people become interested in styling their own hair, various types of hairbrushes have dominated the market. Today, you will find a huge array of hair brushes and hairstyling tools and each of them has their own purpose.
Hairbrushes come in different categories. There are hairbrushes made for professional use while others can be used right at the comfort of your own home. There are many different reasons for using a hair brush. Some people use it to detangle the hair while others use a special type of hair brush to shape, polish, Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding the different types of wig cap construction

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREWig caps are constructed differently. It is important to choose the right wig construction, but your choice basically depends on your personal choice, taste, and budget. Below are some of the common wig cap constructions:
Traditional – this is the common construction type characterized by a pace inside the cap just underneath the crown area. The rear portion of the wig is made from machined wefts. It is quite heavier as compared with other types, but it is highly durable and breathable. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the right hair clip for your personality

Glam-Bridal-Hair-Accessories_Silver-Crystal-Wedding-Head-bandA hair accessory is an integral part of a woman’s fashion. There are different types of hair accessories, but the most common one is a hair clip. This hair accessory looks so simple, yet serves so many functions. It helps clip the hair in place while keeping you fashionable and stylish. Hair clips come in different designs, styles, colors, and functions. To help you come up with the best possible choice, you should be familiar with the following types:

Alligator hair clips – This hair clip comes in a single or double prongs. It has a spring that helps clamps the hair in place. If you are looking for a sturdy hair clip, then an alligator clip is the ideal choice. There are various designs to choose from. Some can be used during casual days while others are suitable during formal or special occasions. Alligator clip is also a versatile clip because it can be used by people of all ages including children. Read the rest of this entry »

Functional hair accessories for women

Modern-Hair-AccessoriesEverybody dreams of having a healthy hair. However, a lot of factors greatly contribute to unhealthy hair. The good news is that there are a lot of things you can do to somehow conceal the true condition of your hair. One of the natural ways to bring out the beauty of your hair is by using stylish and functional hair accessories. If you are going to search online, you will find a lot of hair accessories. With so many choices sometimes it is quite difficult to find which one is the best. To give you ideas on some of the best functional hair accessories for women, keep on reading below.
Hair clips
Hair clips are on the go fashion hair accessories. They do not only look good, but very functional too. Hair clips can be used during casual days and even during special occasions. There are different styles, types, and designs to choose from. So, you can easily choose one that best suits your fashion needs, personality, and comfort needs. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of elastic headbands

Wholesale-font-b-trade-b-font-children-s-multi-pointed-flower-hair-accessories-elastic-headband-withHeadbands come in different styles, sizes, and materials. Today, we will discuss about elastic headbands. What is elastic headband and what made it stands out from the rest? An elastic headband is a functional and versatile fashion piece. It can be used not only for styling purpose, but as well as for protection like swimming and running. It is ideal to use during casual days. If you have a bad hair day, all you need to do is to put on your elastic headband and presto!
Origin of headband
Headbands originated from Greece. During the ancient Greece time, the headband is placed over the hair just on top of the head. It holds a few strays of hair in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Three simple ways to use banana clip

670px-Use-a-Banana-Clip-Step-4-Version-3Have you seen a banana clip? It is a type of hair clip that is helpful in pulling the hair back. With the use of banana clip, you can style your hair in many different ways. Style wise, you can find banana clip in different colors, sizes, styles, and designs. They can be easily purchased at the leading online and offline accessory stores. This article will show you the three simple ways to use banana clip.
Simple clipping
Before using the banana clip, you have to make sure your hair is perfectly combed. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips when choosing a lace wig cap

$_1When shopping for a lace wig cap, you have to be aware that there are various types to choose from and each offers advantages and a few disadvantages. You have to strictly consider the type of lace wig cap that best suit your fashion needs, lifestyle, and preference. To give you idea about the available choices, keep on reading below.

·         French lace – This suits perfectly to any lace wig, especially synthetic one. What sets French lace apart from the rest is its unmatched durability and thickness. If you have an active lifestyle, Read the rest of this entry »

Achieve beautiful curls with hair rollers

a88cbe56bd6e7761_curlyhairheroCurly hair is one of the favorite hairstyles of many people today. Curls can be achieved in many different ways and one of which is through the use of hair rollers. Curling the hair with the aid of hair rollers can be done in two ways and these are the on base and off base method. However, before you proceed with the process of your choice, there are things you need to do so as to achieve the best possible curls.
They are as follows:

  • Make sure you wash your hair before curling.
  • It would help a lot if you are going to use hairstyling products specially formulated for hair curling such as gels and moose.
  • Dry the hair afterwards making sure that the underneath areas of the hair are completely dried.
  • With the help of the hair rollers, take a large section of the hair and roll onto the hair roller. To secure the hair in place, you might want to consider using hair clips. If all portions of the hair are rolled, the next step is to get a hairdryer and gently heat the rollers.
  • After cooling down, remove the rollers one by one. You will be amazed afterwards of the result. You will be able to achieve perfect curls plus the body and volume your hair needs.

Read the rest of this entry »

Feel Pretty with These Chic Hair accessories

bridal-fascinatorHairstyling is a way of life. If you are a woman, then you know very well how important it is to style your hair. One of the must have tools when styling your hair is a hair accessory. There are many types of hair accessories, but if you want to achieve a chic and elegant look, then you should opt for chic hair accessories. These accessories can surely help you in different situations. They can be dependable, especially when the situation calls for.

The choice for chic accessories is limitless. As long as you know how to choose the best one and you know exactly how to incorporate the accessory in your daily hairstyling needs, then you are good to go. Below are some of the well-loved hair accessories for chic ladies like you. Read the rest of this entry »

What Should and Shouldn’t Do when wearing floral headbands

orange-headband-2There are many types of hair accessories and with so many to choose from sometimes wearing them right can be quite challenging. If you are the chic type, then surely a floral headband can catch your interest. Well, floral headbands are a perfect fashion accessory, especially during spring and even on summer. For you to look at your best, there are things you should and should not do. If you want to know what are these things, then keep on reading below.

What you should do when wearing floral headbands? Read the rest of this entry »

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